Sunyani Technical University

May 28–June 1, 2024

Sunyani Technical University welcomes you to Sunyani, Bono Region, Ghana, for the 3rd Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities in Ghana (ARCTUG, 2024) on the theme: “University, Industry, and Government Partnership for Accelerating Innovation and Enterpreneurship for National Development”.

Sub-Thematic Areas:

1. Innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for National Development
2. Innovation in Information and Communications Technology
3. University-Industry Alliance for National Development
4. Industry-Government Partnership for National and Sustainable Development
5. Government-University Collaboration for Human Capital Development
6. Entrepreneurial Training for Sustainability and National Development
7. Innovation in Applied Arts, Built, and Natural Environment for Employability
8. Innovation in Applied Linguistics for National Development
9. Innovation in Business, Management, Social Sciences, and Entrepreneurship
10. Tourism, Hospitality, and Creative Arts for National Development
11. Innovation in TVET for National Development
12. Innovation in Energy Management and Climate Change for Sustainable Development
13. Uptake of Research Findings by Government and Industry
14. Commercialisation of Innovation from Universities for Wealth and Job Creation

All roads lead to Suyani for the 2024 ARCTUG Conference.

Submission Timelines

1st June, 2023
Call for Abstracts and Synopses of Innovations
31st Oct, 2023
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Innovations
10th Nov, 2023
Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts and Innovations
17th Nov, 2023
Request for Full-Length Papers/Posters
20th Dec, 2023
Deadline for Poster/Full-Length Paper Submission
20th Jan, 2024
Notification of Acceptance of Full-Length Papers
20th Feb, 2024
Submission of Revised Poster/Full-Length Papers
20th March, 2024
Submission of PowerPoint Slides for Oral Presentation
20th Jan, - 1stMay, 2024

Abstracts should be submitted through Register now or E-mail:

Full papers should be submitted through Login now or E-mail:

Abstract Rules:

1. Abstracts and synopses of innovations/inventions should be typed in English, or French language.
2. Must be typed in MS WORD 2007 or newer version.
3. Abstracts or synopses should include the following information:
Full name(s) of author(s) status, country, sub-region, selected sub-thematic area, email address, and phone number.
4. The abstract/synopsis of innovation must be justified.
5. Keywords: Between 3 and 7 words or phrases
6. Word Count: Between 200 and 250 words
7. Font Style and Size: Times New Romans, 12
8. Spacing: 1.5

About the conference

About the conference

University, Industry, and Government Partnership for Accelerating Innovation and Enterpreneurship for National Development.

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This year's conference mode of presentation includes In-Person (oral), Poster, Virtual, Exhibition

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Associated publications

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