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Student Support Fund

Providing financial support to students who need assistance, the University’s commitment to expanding access and enable student success.


The Student Support Fund (SSF) was established by the Sunyani Technical University (STU) in 2018 to provide financial support to students who need assistance because of various reasons. It is part of the University’s commitment to expanding access and enable student success.


To ensure that no student is unable to access professional and academic training at STU due to financial need.

Purpose and Scope

The SSF is intended to provide discretionary financial support to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of STU. This is to relieve needy students’ financial hardship, which may be a barrier to their continued participation in Higher Education and Training offered by STU.

Specifically, the SSF is used:

  • To assist those who need extra financial help to meet specific costs that are not already met from statutory (or other) sources of funding.
  • To help students who are in financial hardship.
  • To provide emergency payments for students in unexpected financial crises.
  • To help students who may be considering deferring or withdrawing from their training at STU because of financial problems.


Contributions to the fund are invited from the following:

  • Corporate organizations
  • Staff of STU
  • Alumni
  • The general public
  • Religious bodies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Students
  • Other stakeholders

Contribute to the SSF and impact a life!

Contributions can be made through

i) MTN mobile money number +233 (0)241131387;
ii) Commercial bank

Account number: 7011130001013

Account name: Student support fund

Branch: Sunyani main

iii) Student Financial Support Unit (SFSU), STU


Application forms can be obtained from the Student Financial Support Unit (SFSU) at STU. All applications should be supported by evidence of circumstances. These should be photocopied by the student and submitted at the time the application is submitted. The list below contains some of the primary evidence required. However, it should be noted that everyone’s situation is different, and this list is not exhaustive. Further evidence may be requested by the SFSU if the assessors feel it is required:

  • Admission letter
  • Two public servants as guarantors
  • Valid National ID card
  • Transcript of examination results obtained at STU
  • Evidence of bursaries, welfare benefits or scholarships (previous and current).
  • Evidence of savings (if any)
  • Account statements covering the most recent transactions for all accounts (including mobile money accounts).

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The fund is accessible to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Be Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students of STU, having pursued any course for a minimum of one academic year
  • Be of Ghanaian citizenship
  • Be able to show evidence of being in financial hardship.
  • Be able to show evidence of having exhausted all other available source of financial support but are still in need.

The Student Financial Support Unit (SFSU)

The SSF is administered by the SFSU under the direction of an advisory board. The SFSU, among others, is responsible for:

  • Advertising for applications from students.
  • Receiving and processing applications.
  • Paying benefits to successful applicants.
  • Embarking on fundraising activities.
  • Maintaining records of activities in relation to applications, awards and contributions to the fund.
  • Offering financial advice to students.
  • Exploring and attracting the establishment of scholarships schemes by individuals and organizations
  • Exploring and identifying work study programmes and opportunities for students
  • Producing annual reports on the student support fund.


It is the goal of the SFSU to make the financial support process less clumsy, transparent, and credible. The SFSU is also committed to ensuring that assistance is provided in an effective, timely, and equitable manner to all eligible students.



The Student Financial Support Unit (SFSU),

Sunyani Technical University,


P.O. Box 206

Tel: +233(0)244465576; +233(0)352027052/23278

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