STU officially welcomes new students for 2021/2022 academic year

STU officially welcomes new students for 2021/2022 academic year

Sunyani Technical University (STU) has enrolled a total of 2,104 applicants, representing 58.4% of 3,601 prospective students for the 2021/2022 academic year. This represents 21.9% decrease from last year’s figure of 2,695.

The Vice-Chancellor, Ing. Prof. Kwadwo Adinkrah-Appiah, speaking at the 26th matriculation ceremony of the university, noted that the drop in enrolment despite the introduction of additional academic programmes, gives a course for concern.

“This calls for an urgent strategy by the University to intensify its efforts in advertising the newly introduced Science, Engineering and TVET programmes to improve patronage”, he added.

He said when patronage of such industry-driven programmes is improved, it would help produce skilled graduates who can readily find employment or set up their own businesses to help accelerate the socio-economic development of Ghana, and further obviate other institutions having the opportunity to produce too many graduates in already chocked sectors of the national economy which only exacerbates the existing high spate of unemployment in the country

Admissions statistics

Out of the total enrolment of 1,409 representing 67%, are Males, whilst 695, representing 33%, are Females. The University also admitted two Foreign Students.

In terms of disciplines, 1,609, representing 76.5%, enrolled into Sciences, Technology, Engineering and TVET programmes as against 495, which constitutes 23.5%, for humanities. This is in line with our mandate as a Technical University.

New programmes

The Vice-Chancellor announced that the introduction of Master of Technology (M-Tech) programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by the STU was at an advanced stage of accreditation processes.

According to him, STU is currently running a total of 16 four-year Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) degree programmes while 12 other four-Year B-Tech programmes are also at different stages of Accreditation.

Ing. Prof. Adinkrah-Appiah further said the university was also running ten Top-Up B-Tech and 19 Higher National Diploma programmes and urged all prospective students, both within and outside Ghana, to take advantage “to enroll on these industry-driven programmes at STU to acquire the requisite knowledge, technical and professional skills that will make them readily employable to avoid the temptation of joining the so-called ‘Unemployed Graduates Association’ in future.”


He assured the newly admitted students that Management has put in place measures to protect life and property on campus, saying; “the lighting system on campus has seen massive improvement whilst security patrols and visibility have been enhanced.”

“However, we urge you not to be careless about your personal security. Do not walk alone on campus under the cover of darkness as that might not help your personal security.”

“As students of STU, you will be expected to exhibit high sense of purpose and diligence in pursuing your academic career so that you can achieve the required skills and competence that will make you successful in the world of work.”

Be disciplined

Prof. Adinkrah-Appiah reminded them that they are the future leaders of this country, as they are the future lecturers, Engineers, Businessmen, Parliamentarians and even Presidents of the country.

“You should, therefore, be serious with your studies here at the STU so that you can climb the academic ladder successfully in order to achieve your future goals.”

“As a result, the university requires you to be disciplined and law-abiding. You are here to be trained not only in academic work but to help you form a decent character that will make you responsible citizens to contribute positively towards Ghana’s development.”

The Vice-Chancellor was emphatic that negative conducts such as violation of laid down rules and regulations including examination malpractices, alcoholism, betting and promiscuity would not be entertained in the University as culprits of such acts would be made to face the full rigors of the University's disciplinary procedures.


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